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Tom Scott’s “One Night / One Day” to be released tomorrow!

  pwilliams   Oct 07, 2014   Uncategorized   0 Comment

Tomorrow Soundwings is re-leasing Tom Scott’s wonderful album “One Night / One Day”.

In framing this album with Tom, the intent was to paint on the big canvas, to showcase not only Tom’s abilities as a saxophonist, but as a complete musician, as comfortable in a New Orleans dive as with a full symphony orchestra. As a testament to his virtuosity and musicality this is a live album where everyone played together at the same time. There is not a single edit in this recording and each selection is a complete take from start to finish.
– Patrick Williams

I am thrilled to re-release this incredible album with my friend, my colleague and one of the finest musicians alive.
– Tom Scott

Here’s an excerpt from “Romances For A Jazz Soloist”
-Composed by: Patrick Williams for Tom Scott

More to come…